Archive of programs


The CHARITABLE DENTAL ACTION was held for ATO veterans and their falmilies in the territory of Kiev (Medical Center “Angelia”), Lutsk (Local children`s hospital) and Kovel (Morozov clinic), Ukrain. ANGELIA Medical Center held a CHARITABLE DENTAL ACTION for ATO veterans and their families. More than 300 people received after checkup free consultations and treatment, in particular filling, professional teeth cleaning and extraction. There were 20 dentists from the United States, Loma Linda University, and dentists from Kiev, including doctors from ANGELIA medical center. The local dentists provided medical assistance. The interpreters helped to overcome language barrier. All patients registered online and it helped to avoid the lines. Everyone had an opportunity to choose the day and time of the visit. After a pre-medical examination, which included x-ray, the patients were appointed to the specialists. The dentists worked in two shifts every day that made it possible to provide medical care to more than 300 patients during the charitable action in Kiev. In addition, doctors gave some advices on how to properly brush their teeth and use floss to avoid washing a tooth enamel and gums injury. After treatment and consultation, all visitors received presents: oral care products (toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss) and a reminder about the dental care after professional cleaning. Adults and children visited this charitable action. All patients who took part in this dental were so grateful to the dentists for their attention and professionalism. The main tasks of this project were a high-quality healthcare service, alleviation of suffering people, improving their teeth health.      We wanted to show our patients the love of Jesus Christ!

The team of Medical Center “Angelia” organized the CHARITABLE DENTAL ACTION and they are so grateful to all participants who took part in the action.


The total number of 400 participants of the international children’s camp “Artek” had been studying the basics of first aid for three days. A master class was organized by the representatives of Kiev Medical Center “Angelia” with the support of Adventist Assistance and Development Agency (ADRA).


Adventist Medical Center “Angelia” carried out a project “Charity Doctor” in Kiev. The participants were immigrants,  ATO veterans and their families and people with disabilities. About 700 people received free medical consultations within three days.


More than 700 people received medical help and counseling within “Charity Doctor” project, which was held from February 6 to February 8, at the Christian Adventist Medical Center. The partner of the project was  Medical Mobile Clinic (MMC) of the Association “Emmanuel”. The purpose of the project was to help people in need for free medical care and tell them about God. They were settlers from the east of Ukraine, people from low-income families, families of military veterans and people with disabilities.