Preventive programs


  • Modern health problems
  • Treatment of various diseases
  • Methods of disease prevention
  • What should we do to prevent disease?
  • Latest news in medicine and much more

Meeting with the doctor spends in a pleasant atmosphere with a cup of tea. We guarantee you the provision of important and useful information for you and your family and will provide you with a positive mood. Every second Wednesday of the month you can meet with one of such doctors as a family doctor, psychiatrist, cardiologist, dermatologist, traumatologist, neuropsychologist, gastroenterologist, surgeon, dentist, ENT and other specialists of our and other medical institutions. Follow our news, where you can find out about the topic of the nearest meeting with the doctor.

Breathe freely

This is a program that helps people to change and improve their way of life. It is based on the results of scientific research of many scientists and specialists, carefully developed and can easily be applied in practice.

The main goal of this course is to provide effective assistance to a smoker (with any experience of smoking) who wants to get rid of nicotine dependence and gain self-confidence forever.

The program is modeled in a such way as to help you quit smoking forever and minimize the problems and difficulties of the period of withdrawal that you may have already had when you tried to quit smoking.

All editions of the program you can see on the link below: breathe freely